Did you know?

You can use vanilla beans/pods for baking, making extract, skin care, and as a savory in dinner dishes like chicken, and you can reuse pods!

Baked goods:                   

Vanilla bean cheesecake blueberry pie

Vanilla bean cream pie

Vanilla bean scones

See these recipes and more at Huffpost:  https://www.huffpost.com/entry/vanilla-bean-recipes_n_6630170


Savory dishes:

Vanilla vinaigrette

Lamb stew with vanilla

Vanilla-braised beef cheeks

See these recipes and more at The Kiwi Importer: https://www.kiwiimporter.com/explore/blog/read/12/11-recipes-that-prove-vanilla-is-just-as-good-savory-as-it-is-sweet


Uses for leftover pods:

Vanilla sugar

Vanilla-infused maple syrup

Vanilla sugar body scrub

See these ideas and more at little green dot: https://littlegreendot.com/10-uses-vanilla-pods/





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